2017 Term Fees

Item / Class



Annual Administration Fee (per family)



Dance & Performance (D&P)

50 minutes


Ballet 1 – 4, Jazz 1&2, Junior Contemporary

1 hour


Fit Ball, Adult Classes, Contemporary, Open Ballet, Beginner Pointe

1 hour


Grades 1 – 8, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Levels
(all these classes include 1/2 hour conditioning)

1.5 hour


Casual Adult Class

1 hour


Half Hour Private Class

1/2 hour


Unlimited Classes



10% discount for siblings

Junior School — Studio 2

Dance & Performance (D&P) classes for children 3–5 years old will be offered. These classes enhance a child's imagination, expression, musicality, spatial awareness together with socialising and performance skills. These are especially fun classes that are structured to build confidence in the young person for their future. The carefully designed D&P program has been highly successful for many years and has proven to be an excellent grounding for entry into Ballet 1 and beyond.

Ballet 1 – 4 are classes for the 5–9 year olds in the classical ballet style. Children commence in either Ballet 1 or 3 depending on age. They will be assessed to do additional classes in Ballet 2 or 4 if the Director feels they would benefit from participating in the RAD Presentation Award or Exams.

Jazz 1 classes for 5–7 year olds on our FUN on FRIDAYS time slot. The Jazz classes are to enable students to relax through movement and develop co–ordination in dance.

Intermediate School — Studio 1

Grades 1-4 are classes for students 8+ years old, whereby they study ballet, character and free movement in the RAD syllabus. All students at this level are required to attend technique class for their level of ballet to develop the necessary skills as well as attending the RAD syllabus class. Once the set criteria has been assessed and verified by the Director the students and class will continue with conditioning exercising to ensure the exam progress is achieve with ease and confidence.

Junior Contemporary is designed for younger students as an introduction to modern dance styles, with a focus on lyrical and contemporary dance.

Jazz 2 for 8+ year olds to expand on the students Jazz genre and develop performance and style in preparation for contemporary classes in the senior school.

Senior School — Studio 3

Grades 5-8 are classes for students 12+ years, whereby the students study ballet, character and free movement in the RAD syllabus. Students are required to undertake conditioning classes and should study these levels in conjunction with Vocational Graded classes if they wish to pursue a career in dance.

Vocational Graded Classes include Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advance Foundation, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.

Contemporary class will be offered to senior students on Friday to develop skills as required for the audition process in line with expectations required to become a professional dance.

Full–time Program

The program includes ballet, contemporary, jazz, pilates, class conditioning as well as individual specific training and extensive pointe training. Other classes include anatomy, music, mime and stagecraft as well as nutrition, character classes and psychological development for dancers. Composition, make–up techniques and history of costume studies are included.

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in dance. The program will be registered and endorsed. It has the added advantage of a qualified senior school teacher to ensure academic standards are maintained.