Read our Important Notices

Congratulations to everyone for adapting to our new classes

First week of Iive streamed classes, so what have we learnt?

  • Most children love to dance in front of their device, however a few struggle in front of the camera and we understand that it will take time for them to adjust
  • Some students work better with parents watching whereas others don’t. We acknowledge that some may feel anxious about being watched
  • Students are to be properly dressed for class with long hair up in a bun for ballet or ponytail for jazz & contemporary
  • The props, as suggested in the zoom link email, should be ready before class begins
  • Senior students would benefit from paper to write corrections after class
  • Grade 3 & higher should do their 15 minute warm up before class begins
  • No pets or siblings in the room, as they wouldn’t be allowed in the studio and are a BIG distraction.
  • Homemade barres are greatly appreciated by senior students & teachers. Thanks!
  • At the beginning and end of class, select ‘Gallery’ (Top Right corner) so students can see everyone to say hello/goodbye. Select ‘Spotlight’ (Top Right corner) once class begins
  • Students are muted by the teacher for most of the class, so students need to wave both hands to get the teachers attention to unmute them. To answer YES or NO, please use a thumbs up or thumbs down
  • We email the link an hour before classes start, with suggested props for the class
  • Some emails have bounced due to inboxes being full, so please ensure there is space
  • Through the chat feature of Zoom, Ms Michele is able to ask parents (privately) to improve the view, lighting or position of the child on the screen so we can observe them properly

Thanks for all the lovely feedback and please continue to let us know how we can keep delivering the joy of dance.
Stayed tuned as we are working on an adjusted Term 2 timetable.

Swan River Ballet is now offering online classes via Zoom due to COVID-19

All students will be emailed a link and a code to connect to their class. Classes will be in real time, so you will need to view the new Zoom timetable.
This will enable children & adults to continue with dancing during these trying and isolating times. We will be trialling this for the next 3 weeks until school holidays.

Thank you Anton

A big thank you to Anton who has been dilligently updating the website during this critical time for information & communication.
They are available for webdesign projects, contact them at antoncw @ outlook .com (No spaces)

Adult Enrolment Form

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New Jazz Syllabus in 2020

As of 2020 Miss Avie (Jazz & Contemporary Co-Ordinator) will be teaching the new Jazz Addict Syllabus to all our Jazz classes. This syllabus has been chosen as it provides each student with solid technical training, performance based, and a platform to create, achieve and grow as a dancer and artist. Each level allows students to experience different modern styles of dance including Lyrical or Contemporary, Musical Theatre, and Modern Jazz.

Examinations are usually held each year in August. Although not compulsory to do exams, Swan River Ballet will be encouraging student to take part, as it is another opportunity to performance with many learning outcomes for students.

We are confident that the students will thoroughly enjoy being taught this syllabus by Miss Avie, who enjoyed it so much herself for many years. She completed many JazzAddict exams, including Advance 2 in 2015.

WA Festival of Dance Gala: Celebrating 100 years

Postponed until September 2020