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Enrolments for 2022

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Account Details

Term Fees are paid via Bank Transfer to:

Swan River Ballet Trust
BSB: 086420
Account Number: 666935857

Payments will be shown within 7 days on your Parent Portal.

2022 Timetable

Term 1 Classes

Updated on Monday 8th November.

Includes PBT (minimum 1/2 hour)
Class Full – Apply for waiting list

2.45–3.30pmDance & Performance (3yrs)DPM
2.45–3.30pmPre-Ballet (4yrs)PBM
4–4.45pmBallet 1 (5yrs)B1M
4–5.30pmGrade 1 Ballet (8yrs) G1M
5–6.30pmGrade 4 Ballet (11+yrs) G4M
5–6pmGrade 6 Ballet (14+yrs)G6M
5.30–6.30pmGrade 5 Ballet Extension (13+yrs)G5M
6.30–7.30pmElementary Jazz Two (11-12yrs)EJ2M
6.30–7.30pmAdvanced Foundations BalletAFM
7.30–8.30pmSenior Jazz (15+yrs)SJM
4–4.45pmBallet 2 (6yrs)B2T
4–4.45pmJunior Jazz One (7yrs)JJ1T
4–5.30pmGrade 2 Ballet (9yrs) G2T
5–6.30pmIntermediate Ballet (12+yrs) IBT
5.30–6.30pm Junior Contemporary (7-9yrs)JCT
6.30–7.30pmOpen Ballet (16+yrs)OBT
6.30–7.30pmPre-Advanced Contemporary (13-15yrs)PACT
7.30–8pmAdvanced PointeAPT
9.30–10.30amAdult BalletAB1W
10.45–11.45amAdult BalletAB2W
2.45–3.30pmPreschool Jazz (4yrs)PJW
4–5pmGrade 2 Ballet ExtensionG2EW
4–5pmBallet 3 (6-7yrs)B3W
4.30–6pmGrade 3 Ballet (10yrs) G3EW
5–6pmElementary Jazz One (10-11yrs)EJ1W
6–7pmElementary Contemporary (9-11yrs)ECW
4–5pmBallet 4 (7-8yrs)B4Th
4–5pmGrade 3 Ballet Extension (10yrs)G3Th
5–6pmGrade 4 Ballet Extension (12+yrs)G4Th
5–6pmJunior Jazz Three (9-10yrs)JJ3Th
6–7pmIntermediate Contemporary (11-13yrs)ICTh
6–7pmOpen Ballet (Intermediate & Advanced)OBTh
7–8pmAdvanced Contemporary (15+yrs)ACTh
2.45–3.30pmPre-Ballet (4yrs)PBF
2.45–3.30pmDance & Performance (3yrs)DPF
3.45–4.30pmAcro Dance One (5-7yrs)AD1F
4.30–5.30pmAcro Dance Two (8-11yrs)AD2F
4.30–6pmGrade 5 Ballet (13+yrs) G5F
4.30–6pmGrade 6 Ballet (14+yrs) [To commence in Term 3) G6F
6–7pmElementary Jazz Three (12+yrs)EJ3F
7–8pmAcro Dance Three (12+yrs)AD3F
8.30–9.15amPre-Ballet (4yrs)PBS
8.30–9.15amDance & Performance (3yrs)DPS
9.30–10.15amPrimary Jazz One (5yrs)PJ1S
9.30–10.30amGrade 1 Ballet ExtensionG1S
10.15–11amPrimary Ballet (5-6yrs)PBS
10.30–11.30amJunior Jazz Two (8yrs)JJ2S
11.30–12.15pmPrimary Jazz Two (6yrs)PJ2S
11.30–1pmIntermediate Ballet (12+yrs) IBS
12.151.15pmBallet 3 (6yrs)B3S


All enquiries concerning fees and payments please contact Ms Michele.

Annual Fee

Annual Administration Fee (per family)

$30 per year

Term Fees

Fees below payable each term (9, 10 or 11 weeks of classes dependent on school calendar)

45 minute classes
Dance & Performance (D&P)
Ballet 1 & 2
Junior Jazz 1-2
Jazz 1
Acro Dance 1
$150 per term
60 minute classes
Ballet 3 & 4
Grade 1-8 Extension Classes
Jazz 2-4
Senior Jazz
Adult Classes
Acro Dance 2 & 3
$160 per term
90 minute class (includes 1/2 hour PBT or Pointe)
Grades 1-8
Intermediate Foundation
Advanced Levels
$220 per term
30 minute Pointe
$80 per term
Adult classes
60 minute Adult Ballet$20 per casual class
$38 for 2 classes on the same day

$160 for 1 class per term
$304 for 2 classes per term
Private lesson (For exams & competitions)
30 minutes$25 per class
Multi-class discount
10% off your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and subsequent classes