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Parent & Guardian Watch Days

Students doing either APDA (Jazz) exams or RAD (Ballet) exams will have their parent watch during the school holiday preparation program.
Non-exam students (NES) will have their parent watch in the last weeks of either term 2 or 3. We ask that only one parent or guardian attends and, if those attending agree, filming of your child will be permitted.
Parent watch is for 10 - 30 minutes depending on the age of the dancers and the size of the class on the day.
On the day teachers will advise when the presentation will commence.
The scheduled dates are the only days we will permit viewing of classes.

Class Non Exam Students Exam Students

Dance & Performance

Saturday 19, Friday 25, Monday 28 June


Friday 25, Monday 28, Saturday 26 June

Ballet 1

Monday 28 June

Primary Ballet

Saturday 26 June

Primary Jazz 1/2

Saturday 26 June

Saturday 17 July

Ballet 2 PPID

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Ballet 3

Wednesday 30 June

Ballet 4 PID

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Acro Dance 1

End of Term 3

Grade 1 RAD

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Junior Jazz 1

Saturday 26 June

Saturday 17 July

Grade 2 RAD

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Junior Jazz 2

Wednesday 30 June

Saturday 17 July

Junior Contemporary

Wednesday 30 June

Grade 3 RAD

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Acro Dance 2

End of Term 3

Elementary Contemporary

Thursday 24 June

Junior Jazz 3

Wednesday 30 June

Saturday 17 July

Elementary Jazz 1

Thursday 24 June

Saturday 17 July

Grade 4 RAD

End of Term 3

Saturday 17 July (RAV)
9 & 10 October (AEC)

Intermediate Contemporary

Thursday 1 July

Elementary Jazz 2

Friday 2 July

Saturday 17 July

Grade 5 RAD

End of Term 3

9 & 10 October

Acro Dance 3

End of Term 3

Advanced Contemporary

Monday 28 June

Intermediate Jazz 2

Saturday 17 July

Intermediate RAD

End of Term 3

Advanced Foundations RAD

End of Term 3


Holiday Programs

All exam-preparation Holiday Programs are conducted in the second week of the school holidays. Please keep this in mind if your child is registered for an exam.

Exam Dates

RAD exams are held in Term 4 at Hamilton House.

Pre-Primary in Dance students stand ready with Miss Avie

APDA Jazz exams will be offered again in 2021 in Term 3, with the holiday preparation program to be held in the second week of the school holidays, Wednesday 14th – Saturday 17th July. Please keep this in mind when planning holidays.
Mock Exams will run on Sunday 8th August at the same times as the Exam timetable below.

Jazz Exam Timetable - Wednesday 11th August

Time Class


Primary Jazz Two
Grace, Niamh, Anne


Junior Jazz One Group A
Violette, Bronte, Solé, Matilda, Jessamine


Junior Jazz One Group B
Brooke, Antoinette, Olivia, Abigail


Junior Jazz Two
Nia, Emily, Cate, Olivia, Aleena, Anouk, Madeleine


Junior Jazz Three
Ella, Kylah, Patrice, Amelia


Elementary Jazz One
Holly, Yana, Lucy, Darcey, Zoe, Chloe, Sophia, Arielle


Elementary Jazz Two
Amelia, Bianca, Mya, Charli, Dominique, Lola


Intermediate Jazz Two
Charlotte, Arianwen, Abbie


At Swan River Ballet our focus is teaching the joy of dance with secure technique. We enter students in various competitions to increase their stage experience and to build confidence. This enables us to work with a student on a one-on-one basis to develop their skills further.
Please note that coming 1st or ‘placing’ is a great achievement but is not a priority.
We encourage students to view competitions as an indicator of personal progress. They can be rewarding for students as it provides them with feedback from industry professionals.

SRB Student stands against a brick wall, wearing a blue sequined leotard and an SRB Jacket
SRB Student stands in front of the Enter the Stage banner, wearing a red sequined top, skirt and SRB Jacket
SRB Student stands in front of the Enter the Stage banner, wearing a black lace dress
Congratulations to Brooke, Millie & Charli who competed in the Enter the Stage Performing Arts Challenge in July. We are proud of their efforts in their first competition.


  • Students must be enrolled in 2 or more classes including one ballet class, as ballet technique is vital for all styles of dance.
  • It is important that students have experienced at least one exam of any genre at SRB to ensure they can demonstrate the commitment and discipline necessary. At this stage, there is no minimum result that a student needs to be eligible for competitions.
  • Overall attendance rates, attitude and presentation in classes will be taken into consideration. This includes consistently being on time and properly attired for class.
  • Private lessons are $25 per 1/2hour. At this stage, there is no charge for choreography. Students are expected to continue practising in their own time.
  • Entrance fees can vary (usually $15 - $50 per performance) depending on how many events the student is entered into. Payment of this fee will confirm registration.
  • All choreography taught for competitions, in class, for concerts, open classes or any other performance opportunity, belong to SRB and MUST NOT be performed elsewhere at any time.
  • Upon learning their dance, students are welcome to find their costume or hire from SRB.


4 - 6 private lessons are recommended to learn and complete a solo.
Students will continue to perform their solo for a year or until they are ready for new choreography. When a student places in a section they move from Novice to Intermediate or Open depending on the placement. Students must continue to practice their solos in their own time if they are wanting to continue to compete.

Students must have experience in solo or ensemble competitions.
As costuming and concepts with duos & trios are more complex we must be notified of the potential entrants 2 or 3 months in advance.
Parents must come up with an arrangement for private lessons before entering. We suggest at least 6 lessons to be sufficiently prepared.
Although the idea of performing a duo or trio is fun, they require more preparation and understanding of competitions.

Ensemble dances require 5 or more dancers of a similar age.
In addition to the above prerequisites’ students must attend at least 80% of rehearsals.
The rehearsals for the groups will be available from January 2022 and students MUST enrol before Week 1 of each term.
More information about ensembles will be available at the end of the year.

Own choreography is a great opportunity for students with stage experience to present their creative work.
As no privates are necessary for ‘Own Chorey’, it is important that students take time to clean their routines and organise their costumes. Please be aware that teachers will help and give advice or will ask to see your ‘Own Chorey” help build confidence in your creation.
Improvisations are a fun opportunity to perform under pressure and challenge the performer. Depending on the competition, students are advised to wear a leotard and shorts or leggings, although some competitions specify a colour.

Further Information

Championships and more advanced competitions will be discussed with individuals as required.
As each competition has its’ own set of rules, please read through the competition information when it is available.
We aim to have at least one teacher present at the competition to assist students. Students must come with make-up and hair done before arriving as there may not be much space to get ready.
As both students and parents represent SRB school, respectful etiquette within the venue is mandatory. Please ensure your child wears their SRB jacket when arriving, this helps organisers to guide you in the right direction and is also a sign of pride and professionalism within the dance competition community.

Competition Interest Form

Next WA Competitions

Enter the Stage Updated

Venue: St. Stephens, Duncraig
Date: Friday 9th July onwards
Entry closed

Evolution Dance Competition

Venue: Newman College, Churchlands
Date: 10th-12th September 2021
Entry Closing Date: 15th August 2021

ON STAGE Performing Arts Competitions 'Spring Edition’

Venue: Penrhos College, Rixon Theatre, Throssell Street, Como
Date: 24 Sep 2021 - 03 Oct 2021
Entry Closing Date: July 26 2021

KAR (Kids Artistic Revue)

Venue: Newman College, Churchlands
Date: 3rd - 6th October 2021
Entry Closing Date: TBA

Elite Eisteddfod

Venue: Claremont Centenary Pavillion, Claremont
Date: October 6th - October 10th 2021
Entry Closing Date: September 10th 2021


The annual school concert is scheduled for Monday 13th December in 2021.
Students have one dance for each class they attend.

The concert is not compulsory, however we find that students love to be a part of telling a story. All dancers with varying abilities are welcome to join, as we teach the enjoyment of dance and performing in line with our school philosophy. Young dancers on stage for our 2020 concert
The concert performance is usually 1.5 hours and ends around 7.30pm.
Costumes are hired to families and are at the venue on the night.

Our past concerts have been:
Coppelia, Nutcracker, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Sleeping Beauty

A large group of jazz students on stage during the 2020 concert A group of students in a final pose for jazz All students on stage at the end of the 2020 concert, with lead characters standing in front

Concert Photography & DVD

If you would like to order the 2020 Sleeping Beauty DVD, or any of our past concerts, click the link below.

DVD Order Form

2021 Term Dates

Please note – There are no classes on public holidays.
Students can make up classes during the week, if a similar class is available.

Term 1

Mon 1 February – Thu 1 April (9 weeks)

  • Monday 1st February – SRB commences for 2021
  • Monday 1st March – Labour Day (Public Holiday)
  • RAD Vocational course for senior students – during the April school holidays — To be confirmed

Term 2

Mon 19 April – Sat 3 July (11 weeks)

  • Week 1 – Jazz Exam notices handed out (Due 29th April)
  • Monday 26th April – ANZAC Day (Public Holiday)
  • Thursday 3rd to Sunday 6th June – RAD Festival of Dance
  • Monday 7th June – WA Day (Public Holiday)
  • Wednesday 14th – Saturday 17th July (School Holidays) – APDA Exam Holiday Program

Term 3

Mon 19 July – Sat 25 September (10 weeks)

  • Friday 23rd July 11.10am - RAV Session (Examiner: Anne Fraser)
  • Sunday 8th August – ADPA Jazz Mock Exams
  • Wednesday 11th August – APDA Jazz Exams
  • Spring Grade school – RAD
  • October Holidays (2nd week) – SRB Pre-Primary–Grade 8 Holiday Program

Term 4

Mon 11 October – Sat 11 December (9 weeks)

  • 11th October - 12th November – RAD Graded exams (Examiner: Kit Lethby, Shayne White) (Hamilton House)
  • Date TBC (December) – Parent Q&A (Hamilton House)
  • Monday 13th December – SRB Concert 6pm (Rixon Theatre, Penrhos College, South Perth)
  • Saturday 18th December – Re-enrolment Day for 2022 – RAD results handed to students