Read our Important Notices

Uniform can be purchased at the Swan River Ballet dancewear shop.

The uniform shop will be open on Saturdays 9am – 12pm and weeknights 3 – 4pm.

Students are required to wear the correct uniform and footwear in order to perform movements correctly and allow teachers to correct posture and alignment.

This promotes a feeling of belonging and encourages school spirit. Presentation is an important part of the ballet discipline.

Some contemporary classes at the vocational level may allow a more relaxed hairstyle, students will be advised accordingly.

Secondhand Uniform

We facilitate the exchange of secondhand uniform items within the Swan River Ballet community.

We will only be accepting 2nd hand items for sale from families who are still enrolled at our school.
Please check this page for your name when your items have been sold. This will save us ringing you.
This service has become widely used and it has become quite time consuming to chase up families who left the school years ago.
We now will ask that you collect any items from the 2nd hand storage area when you leave the school or contact us and donate the items to the school.

Please consider the condition of leotards as these items won’t sell if faded or worn.

Collection can be made at the SRB dancewear shop on Saturday mornings between 9am – 12pm.

SRB Jackets

Our school jackets are back in stock. We are selling them at cost-price ($100) in our shop. These high quality jackets are warm and last the test of time (just ask our teachers!)

Swan River Ballet Jacket from back
Swan River Ballet Jacket from front

Junior School

Dance & Performance Uniform

Pink empire dress
Pink ballet socks
Pink leather ballet shoes

Blue leotard Blue skirt

Pale blue leotard, short sleeves
RAD circle skirt (Bloch) or Wrap skirt
Pink ballet socks
Pink leather ballet shoes

Dance & Performance Uniform

Alexa Shorts
Pale blue leotard, no sleeves
Tan Jazz shoes
SRB T-Shirt
SRB Jacket

Intermediate School

Intermediate School Uniform

Luna leotard, no sleeves
Luna RAD elastic belt
Pink ballet tights — convertible or footed
Pink leather ballet shoes
Character shoes

Senior School Uniform

Navy blue leotard — no sleeves
Navy RAD elastic belt
Pink ballet tights — convertible
Pink leather ballet shoes
Character shoes

Dance & Performance Uniform

Leotard — no sleeves
Jazz 1 & 2 — Luna
Jazz 3 & 4 — Navy
Senior Jazz — Black
Tan Jazz Shoes

Senior School

Grades 5 - 8 Leotard Grades 5 - 8 Skirt

Purple camisole or strapped leotard
Purple long chiffon skirt (Grade 6+)
Pink ballet tights — convertible
Pink leather ballet shoes
Character shoes

Majors Leotard with Contemporary Leggings
Senior student wearing Contemporary uniform: Black leotard & leggings.

Black leotard
Contemporary: Black leggings


Dancer wearing white leotard, black tights and black ballet shoes

White leotard, short sleeve (Energetiks CL02) or White T-Shirt
Black shorts, bike short length or tights (Energetiks CT04)
White ballet socks
White/Black leather ballet shoes
Black canvas character shoes — for Grade 1 & above